When I was three years old, my parents died in a traffic accident. My brother and I depend on each other. Although life is hard, but because of the care of my brother, I spent a happy childhood. Unexpectedly, when I was 12 years old, a mine accident took away my only family member, and my brother left me. At that time, my sister-in-law just married to my family. It wasn't long before someone matched his sister-in-law. The other side was a butcher who had lost his wife. He had a good family and a strong man. The sister-in-law asked, "can you take Xiao Ming with you?" The matchmaker in red and green never came back. Since then, there have been several media, sister-in-law has always only one request, with Xiaoming can, otherwise not. The sister-in-law is the daughter of a rich family. When she married the eldest brother, she was strongly opposed by her family and even wanted to break off the relationship with her. However, the sister-in-law still married her. She valued the character of the eldest brother. After the death of the eldest brother, her sister-in-law was often ridiculed by her mother's family and forced her to remarry as soon as possible. Her unruly brother even threatened to burn our house. My sister-in-law is still saying, "remarriage is OK. I have to bring Xiao Ming with me." Although her sister-in-law is beautiful and virtuous, whose family would like her to drag a burden to marry in the past? Her family was so angry that they didn't come and go.